A recent rumor suggests Google could be planning to launch a Pixel Watch on May 26.

The Google Pixel Watch is expected to be revealed soon, so we don’t know much about it at this point. However, several reports could give us an idea of what to expect from the smartwatch, particularly when it comes to design and hardware specs.

The smartwatch market is getting crowded, especially with the Apple Watch. With competitors like Fitbit, Samsung, and even Apple themselves, what could Google do with their watch? Well, one thing the other watches don’t have is the Google Assistant built right into them.

Android Wear already has this feature but some watches, like the new Samsung Gear S3, require you to hold down a button for it to work. With a dedicated Assistant button on the side of your wrist, you can quickly get help from your watch anytime you need it.

With Google Pixel branding, it has created some great software experiences. Let’s hope this time around it can bring some great hardware with those software features as well.

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