Although immature compared to other developed countries, the Canadian telecom industry is fiercely competitive when compared to other developed countries. These are a few stories that made headlines in 2021:

5G Expansion

5G is the next generation of wireless connectivity that is expected to bring faster speeds and increase capacity for mobile devices. It will be applied in many areas, including smartphones, self-driving cars, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Canada’s first 5G service launched in Toronto, Calgary, and eight other Ontario cities last year. The funding, announced Thursday by the Liberal government, is intended to boost the availability of high-speed mobile Internet in rural and remote areas.

3,500Mhz Auction

Canada has taken a big step forward in its plan to deploy 5G (fifth generation) wireless networks across the country, with the auction of frequencies for the mid-band spectrum.

Canadian telecom giants will be able to use a 3,500MHz spectrum to start building out mid-band 5G networks. The technology will be a boon for Canadian consumers, who will now have access to faster speeds and greater capacity on their smartphones.

The auction process was competitive, with telecom companies worldwide placing bids for the limited amount of wireless spectrum available in Canada. Below, we break down which players won what and how it will affect Canadians’ wireless experience.

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