The Microsoft Surface Go 3 is the company’s latest detachable device, and it’s one of the smallest and most affordable Surface Pro devices to date. With a 10-inch display and a weight of less than 1 kg, it can be carried anywhere, making it a great choice for users who need to have access to their documents and data at all times.

Touted as the “most affordable Surface yet” by Microsoft, this version is also one of the cheapest Surface tablets in general that you can purchase right now. By pricing it just below $500, Microsoft is trying to appeal to budget shoppers looking for a portable tablet that can be used for productivity.

The downside of Surface Go 3is that the lower price means you’ll be getting some compromises in hardware specs and features since there are still some rough edges to be smoothed out.

Surface Go 3 performance lags behind that of other devices in its class, and it’s not particularly well-suited for media consumption. It’s also worth mentioning that while Windows 10 in S mode can be easily switched back to full Windows 10 Home or Pro whenever you want. We recommend that you do so if you plan to use the Surface Go frequently. It will only run apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

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