There were still plenty of surprises sprinkled throughout this year’s consumer electronics extravaganza. But we saw fewer blockbuster announcements than at previous shows. Instead, there was a lot of promising technology that’ll be hitting shelves shortly.

So what were the top products revealed at CES? Here are three that caught our eye:

1. Razer Project Sophia

The project was created by Razer and announced during their keynote speech. The device is said to have a built-in projector with a 4K display, wireless charging, and advanced haptics for vibration effects. According to the company, this device will change the way you interact with people around you. The company has not revealed much detail about it, but they have shown a prototype of this device on stage.

2. PlayStation VR 2

Sony announced the PlayStation VR 2 at CES 2022. The new PSVR has updated specs, including a resolution of 4K and a 120hz refresh rate. It also comes with updated controllers that have a touchpad and a mic.

3. Samsung 55-inch Odyssey Ark

The new Samsung 55-inch Odyssey AR gaming monitor is the first of its kind to remove the bezels of the monitor. It makes it a beautiful display that is truly immersive. There is also a game mode that allows you to play your favorite games without any overlay.

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